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The application rule of crane machinery

The application rule of crane machinery

Gantry crane

  1. Each crane shall be operated by a designated driver who has the driver’s operating card as approved by the Department concerned.
  2. The side of the crane, or other obvious part, there must be a weight tag clearly visible from the ground.
  3. Cranes are prohibited from overloading.
  4. Must be in vertical position, lifting heavy objects, do not pull oblique hanging.
  5. When two cranes lift the same weight, the weight shall not exceed 85% of the total weight of the two cranes, and shall ensure that each crane is not overloaded.
  6. It is forbidden to lift heavy objects buried in the ground or frozen on them. Never use a sling (hook, grab, etc) to stop the vehicle.
  7. Forbid sling (grab, lifting electromagnet) and human in a carriage or cabin material handling.
  8. When the crane is working, no one is allowed to stay on the crane, the trolley and the crane track.
  9. The heavy lifting shall be carried out on the safe passage. When running on a barrier free line, the bottom of the spreader or heavy load must rise to more than two meters from the working surface.
  10. When crossing obstacles on the running line, the bottom of the spreader or heavy load should rise to more than half a meter higher than the obstacle.
  11. No heavy lifting is allowed to pass over the head. No one is allowed to work under heavy loads.
  12. The use of cranes or slings for transporting or lifting personnel
  13. It is forbidden to store inflammable (such as kerosene, gasoline, etc.) on the crane
  14. When the lifting device is in the lower limit position to lift the heavy object, the reel is in addition to the fixed steel wire rope, there should be more than two laps of the safety ring.
  15. Lifting liquid metal, harmful liquids or important items, no matter the weight, must lift 200~300 millimeters first, Verify that the brakes are reliable before lifting them up.
  16. The brake on the crane does not work if it fails or does not adjust properly.
  17. No driving, collision, or driving of an unknown neighbor
  18. Under normal circumstances, parking switches should not be relied on for parking purposes
  19. No throwing anything from the crane to the ground
  20. Tools and spare parts must be stored in special cases, not scattered on carts or trolleys, and the old parts should be sent to the ground in time
  21. Outdoor work of gantry crane and crane, bridge under 20 meters high, the work of wind should be not more than six.
  22. The outdoor work of crane when does not work must use rail clamp or other fixed method to fix the crane and reliable, to prevent disaster.
  23. When the crane is inspected or repaired, the crane must be powered off, and at the power switch hanging “no electricity” sign. When multiple machines share the same power supply, shall be attached to the power switch of the protective distribution box of the crane.
  24. Must be charged when repaired, Rubber gloves and rubber shoes should be worn, A tool with an insulated handle must be used.
  25. The voltage of the lighting lamp for repair shall be below 36 volts
  26. A metal case that is likely to produce electrical conductivity must be earthed
  27. Fire extinguishers should be provided in the crane’s operating room and on the platform
  28. At least once a year, conduct a comprehensive safety technical inspection of the crane.
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