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Construction electric winch

Maintenance methods of construction electric winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch

Winch(also known as the hoist) is driven by human or mechanical power reel, winding rope to complete the work of the traction device. Can be vertically raised, horizontal or inclined to pull heavy objects. Winches are divided into two kinds of manual hoist and electric hoist. Electric winch is now the main. The electric winch consists of an electric motor, a coupling, a brake, a gearbox and a reel, and is mounted on a rack. For the lifting height and loading and unloading large work frequently, the speed performance is good, can make the empty hook quickly decline. To install in place or sensitive material, can use a smaller speed.

Construction hoist maintenance methods:

In normal operation, at regular intervals (about a year or so) for a major overhaul or over a period of time after the overhaul once, replace the wear and tear of the wear and other parts, usually found the problem to be maintained at any time.

In the process of running the hoist, at any time to observe and check the brake, clutch, stop the role and wear, and timely troubleshooting.

If the construction hoist is not used for a long time, it should be carried out according to the newly installed construction winch or overhaul inspection method. When transporting the construction hoist, it should be placed in a dry place, and the parts should have good moisture and corrosion protection.

In the disassembly process, pay attention to the surface with no bruises, check the friction surface wear, the various gears, bearings, the rotation parts, joints wear and electrical components, such as the impact of the machine should be replaced.

Construction winch in the work of easy to occur in the fault and treatment methods:

1, the brake wear after the gap is too large, affecting the reliability of the brake, should be timely to adjust the gap or replace the components.

2, bearing wear or poor lubrication due to overheating, depending on the situation, to improve the lubrication or replacement of bearings.

3, due to the fixed bearing bolts do not tight cause bearing heat, should be tightened bolts.

4, due to overload motor heating or motor bearing heat, need to stop cooling, fuel on time to reduce the load.

When you check the electrical equipment, you must first turn on the power switch, the appliance must be kept clean, this must be regularly removed dust, dirt, greasy, etc., do not allow contact with oil, burning or oxidation of the application of fine sandpaper grinding, Insulation ring is not allowed to use gasoline to wash, in order to prevent the armature iron core contact surface rust, should be regularly lubricated with machine oil, and then clean, resistors cast iron sections should always check whether the break.

When the motor is running at rated load, the maximum allowable unbalanced voltage is 5% and the unbalanced current is 10%. It should be noted that the motor rotation of the sound is abnormal, between the brush and slip between the spark, pay attention to whether the motor fever, shall not exceed the allowable value.

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