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Test method for gantry crane

Test method for gantry crane

Gantry crane

In front of the gantry crane need to check the machine to see whether the working condition can be safe and normal work.

When the gantry crane installed after the inspection, not lifting, Stop all operating units, cut off the total power supply, and take wind protection measures, called non working state.

(1) Inspection by the competent authorities of the state inspection methods, The product conforms to the national standards or technical specifications. It is usually carried out by the manufacturer or the local quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

(2) When the equipment is manufactured, the technical department of the manufacturer and the user jointly check and accept, and the inspection can be delivered. Including air load, static load, dynamic load performance test, all safety equipment inspection, continuous operation test.

(3) Equipment during normal use, must perform routine inspection. According to the season and the use of the situation, once a quarter. Routine inspection, including performance test, safety device inspection, etc.

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