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Technical requirements for metallurgical crane

Technical requirements for metallurgical crane

metallurgical crane

  1. The main lifting mechanism should be 2 sets of driving system,When one set of drive system failure occurs,the other 1 drive systems shall be able to perform 1 work cycles under rated lifting capacity.
  2. Adopt 4 steel wire rope winding system of the main lifting mechanism, When the 1 steel wire or diagonal 2 steel rope broken, still can put heavy objects on the surface.
  3. To the requirements of the lifting beam, “lifting beam under the bottom flange plate should be equipped with heat insulation device. 2 end winding wire rope pulley shall be equipped with shield.
  4. On board hook: “the hook piece of material should be not less than Q235-C or Q345-B; the rolling direction of hook sheet material should be consistent with the direction of length and hook. The hook piece folded after connection, the clearance should be less than 0 / 5 mm, after fastening not loose. Hook mouth shall assemble ground protection saddle;
  5. The lifting mechanism shall be equipped with double limiter (Usually for heavy hammer type and rotary type combination), When the fetch device rise to design rules limit position to cut off the motor power. The crane with lifting height greater than 20 m shall also be equipped with a limiter, In addition to the automatic cut off the motor power, Should also ensure that wire rope on the drum winding laps in the case of no fixed rope laps, keep at least two laps.
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