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Talk about the gantry crane

Talk about the gantry crane


With the further development of science and technology and computer technology, modern engineering

technology is developing in practical, reliable, safe, economical and normative direction.

In this development background, the hoisting mechanism of the gantry crane is also put forward new

requirements, So as to realize the economy of the gantry crane hoisting mechanism on the basis of safety

and reliability. Has received more and more attention.

Gantry cranes classification, technical requirements, test methods and detection rules and so on. In

accordance with the standards applicable to open working, gantry cranes (hereinafter referred to as

cranes), the fetching device for the hook, grab or electromagnetic chuck (lifting electromagnet), or at

the same time with two or three of them.

Portal crane with the traditional structure of the crane is almost the same.

The center position of the cylindrical body of the portal crane and the center position of the portal

frame are mainly eccentric design, The cylindrical body and the upper part thereof are advanced with

respect to the gantry toward the boom mechanism, This is equivalent to moving the boom mechanism forward by

a distance in the direction of the spreader, thereby increasing the range of the boom mechanism, thereby

eliminating the need to increase the length of the boom mechanism.

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