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steel wire rope overhead crane

Safety inspection of steel wire rope overhead crane

5 Ton overhead crane

The inspection section of the wire rope is divided into daily inspection, regular inspection and special inspection, and routine inspection is self inspection;Regular inspection according to the device type, utilization, environment, and the last test can determine the monthly inspection or yearly check. The contents and requirements of steel rope inspection are shown in the following table: Specific inspection methods are as follows.

  1. Inspection should pay attention to the location of broken wires (such as how far away from the end) and the degree of concentration of broken wires in order to decide the treatment method.

Pay attention to the location and shape of the broken wires, that is, broken wires occur in the bulge part of the rope strands or in the concave Valley part. According to the shape of broken wires, can be determined  the cause of broken wires.

  1. The wear and tear test is mainly based on the wearing state and the measurement of diameter. There are two kinds of wear: one is communication wear, and the other is eccentric wear. Most of the eccentric wear of wire rope occurs in the rope, the movement is not large, the sling is heavy and the occasions with higher tension.
  2. There are two kinds of corrosion: external corrosion and internal corrosion. Inspection of external corrosion: Visual steel rope rust, pitting, steel wire loose state. Corrosion is difficult to test. Internal corrosion is difficult to test. If the diameter of the rope thin (less than 20mm), the wire can be bent by hand to be tested. If the diameter is large, the wire rope can be inserted into the fiber to carry out internal inspection. After inspection, the wire rope should be restored to its original condition. Pay attention not to damage the rope core and add grease.
  3. Deformationwire rope knot, waves, such as flat for visual inspection.Wire rope should not knot, also should not have larger wave deformation.
  4. Arcing and firing affect visual wire ropes, There should be no tempering packages, nor should there be welding injuries. Welding should be broken according to wire processing.
  5. Lubrication test of steel wire rope should be in good lubrication state. According to the experiment, good lubrication within a lay length of wire rope broken wires up to 10% of the total number of silk. With fatigue test and repeated bending, up to 48500 times. The same size of wire rope without lubrication is only 22500 times, Show the importance of lubrication.
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