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Safety Device Of Overhead Crane

Brief Introduction of Mechanical Safety Device and Function on Overhead Crane

The structure of bridge crane

(1) railing: in order to protect the safety of the staff, to prevent accidents caused by careless fall, there are not less than 1m railings on the end of the walking platform, the end beam and the trolley of overhead crane

(2) baffle: cart and car running on both sides of the end of the baffle is to prevent the cart, the car offside accident; cart trolley line baffle is to prevent the hook swing offside accident occurred.

(3) buffer: work together with the end baffle (Bump) is to reduce the impact of the collision between the car and the vehicle, and the collision of the end of the vehicle and the track (the spring of the overhead crane is more spring)

(4) shield: fast transmission shaft shield, hook shield, pulley block shield, etc., have to protect the safety of moving parts, ensure the safety of personnel, prevent the cast iron parts collision damage

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