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Single Girder Bridge Crane

There are 6 points need to pay attention to in the Single Girder Bridge Crane operation

Single girder Overhead Crane

  1. Before the operation of the Single Girder Bridge Crane, the lifting tools must be checked to ensure the integrity of lifting tools. If the crane is defective, the crane can not be operated.
  2. Also check the rope, must confirm that the rope is solid, not loose or broken. If the object is tied with a prism, it is necessary to add a shield between the object and the rope to avoid the rupture of the rope.
  3. Need to pay attention to identify the center of weight, The phenomenon of oblique pulling can not occur, and the special lifting materials need to be operated by the staff.
  4. When the crane carrying objects cannot act with undue haste, must wait for a moment to be stable after the goods can continue. Above weight is not allowed to put sundry, also not allowed to stand. When hoisting, below the objects it may not have the independent staff through.
  5. Safety measures should be improved, For example, the staff wear helmets, professional staff should be unified command , All departments should coordinate work. When the object is away from the ground, it is necessary to check the safety of the wire rope and other parts. If it’s unsafe, check it out.
  6. The use of Single Girder Bridge Crane can not make objects in the air for a long time to stay.
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