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single-beam cranes

Transport of heavy goods can not be a lack of single-beam cranes


Single-beam cranes in the construction of China’s use of more and more widely, the role is also growing. Its main function and the characteristic is realizes the heavy object spatial position change, the transformation site is nimble fast. As a result, a truck crane usually has a lifting device having a rotary, luffing, telescopic, lifting function mounted on a high-speed vehicular chassis or an off-road chassis to realize lifting, mounting and handling functions.

Single-beam crane is characterized by low cost, simple operation; single-beam crane control technology greatly improved the use of comfort, micro-mobility and reliability, and to achieve machine – electric – liquid logic control, its security is also Has been improved, the introduction of single-girder crane produced a great market effect, Which aroused the user’s strong desire and demand for the high-tech of the crane products, and provided a good market platform for the wide use of high-tech in the crane products such as electric proportion technology, computer technology, multi-sensing technology and automatic control.

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