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RTG Gantry Crane

Discussion on the Application of Energy Saving Technology in RTG Gantry Crane

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  1. introduction

Tire-type container gantry cranes (RTG) is the world’s major container specialized terminal yard main equipment, it has a terminal-based investment cost is low, flexible and flexible transfer operations, easy to install in batches, etc., has been the majority Container terminal welcome, with the number of accounts accounted for about 85% of the total number of bridge. However, the traditional RTG driven by the diesel generator, energy conversion efficiency is low, energy consumption, high cost. At the same time RTG emissions in the operation of the exhaust smoke and diesel engine operation of the huge noise and diesel storage and use of environmental pollution and increasingly stringent environmental requirements have a certain distance. With the rapid growth of global economy caused by the rapid growth of the global economy in recent years, the growing shortage of fossil fuels, international oil prices continue to refresh the historical record, sustained and rapid rise, to have a large number of RTG container terminal operating costs brought great pressure The

The Chinese government in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” clearly put forward the goal of energy saving and pollution reduction, has a very important strategic significance. In recent years, the world’s major port machinery manufacturers and ancillary business have invested R & D efforts to improve the traditional RTG transmission technology. Traditional RTG energy saving technology is divided into energy-efficient RTG and electric RTG two research and development direction. Energy-saving RTG is mainly to improve the energy efficiency of diesel generators and RTG in the bottom of the heavy and operating mechanism braking generated when the regenerative feedback energy storage and other technical measures, by improving the energy efficiency of the whole machine to achieve energy saving Consumption. Electric RTG is the “oil to electricity” operation, RTG work required power is no longer use diesel generators, but from the terminal yard to provide cheap electricity; the same time, due to the use of electricity drive, RTG work when the regeneration feedback Energy can also be used mature energy feedback technology, the machine’s energy efficiency is high. Here, these two have been into the practical application of RTG energy saving technology for a detailed discussion.

  1. Technical Analysis of Energy – saving RTG

Energy-efficient RTG uses the main technologies are:

(1) improved the energy efficiency of diesel generating units.

In the ordinary RTG, the diesel engine only idle and full speed two blocks of work speed: idle for standby conditions; full speed for working conditions. As the RTG system load is variable, non-linear, so the load is lighter, the diesel engine a generating unit is low efficiency, resulting in energy waste. The characteristics of the diesel engine determine its different economic power consumption under different demand power. If the economic fuel consumption and speed curve can be found in some way and control this, it will greatly improve the diesel engine Unit efficiency, and achieved good energy saving effect.

At present, the practical engineering technology is Siemens ECO energy-saving technology as the representative of the engine speed adjustment. The key to this technology is based on RTG different power requirements of different conditions, change the speed of diesel engines, adjust the output power, to achieve accurate dynamic power management, in order to achieve cost savings to reduce fuel consumption and improve machine energy efficiency.

(2) the RTG in the bottom of the weight and the operating mechanism of the regenerative feedback generated when the energy stored in the use.

The regenerative energy of the RTG mainly refers to the process of the descending process of the lifting mechanism, the regenerative energy generated during the deceleration of the cart and the car body, which accounts for more than 30% of the whole running cycle. As the renewable energy can not be feedback, the practice of ordinary RTG is directly through the energy consumption in the form of heat consumption in vain consumption. The re-use of this part of the energy, not only can save energy, but also to make up the hoisting machine hoisting process and the sudden increase in the sudden increase in power requirements, so that the engine can work in the non-overload state, easy to flame Will basically not exist, which will effectively improve the life of the engine and achieve good environmental effects. The key to solving this problem is to have a set of energy storage and feedback devices that can quickly absorb renewable energy and can be put into use immediately when the system needs it.

At present, the practical engineering technology is a super capacitor and flywheel energy storage system as the representative of the energy storage and feedback. The use of supercapacitor’s energy storage and feedback is a typical representative of the green RTG of Zhenhua Port Machinery, the use of flywheel energy storage system, energy storage and feedback on behalf of the way is VYCON’s flywheel energy-saving system.

Super capacitor principle is not new technology, the common super capacitor is mostly double layer structure, compared with the electrolytic capacitor, this super capacitor energy density and power density are very high. Compared with traditional capacitors and secondary batteries, super capacitor storage charge capacity than ordinary capacitors, and has a charge and discharge speed, high efficiency, no pollution to the environment, long cycle life, the use of a wide temperature range, high security The With the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to green energy and ecological environment, super capacitor as a new type of energy storage device, because of its irreplaceable superiority, more and more people pay attention. In recent years, super capacitors have begun to enter many applications, such as consumer electronics, industrial and transportation industries.

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