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10 Ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane

10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane is widely used outdoor on the big work yard to lift material.  There is no need to install the steel stand column; therefore, 10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane will not occupy too much ground space.

Generally, single girder gantry crane can be divided into 3 kinds, namely single girder box beam gantry crane, trussed type gantry crane, and semi-gantry crane.

10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane
10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane

10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane

10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane is used together with CD MD Model electric hoists. It is a track travelling small and mediun-sized crane. Its proper lifting weight is 3-32 tons, proper span is 12-30 meters, proper working temperature is -20~+40℃.

Advantage Rail Mounted Gantry crane:

  1. Because 10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry craneride on the ground rather than on overhead runways, they don’t require a runway structure.
  2. Nor do they usually require concrete foundations.
  3. Their installation is fast and simple.
  4. Depending on the environment and application, 10 ton Rail Mounted Gantry crane can sometimes provide the same material handling capabilities as a comparable bridge crane system, but with a significant cost savings.
  5. Simple and compact structure.
  6. Light weight.
  7. Steady performance.
  8. Easy maintenance.
  9. Less wastage.
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