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Preventing Corrosion Damage of Steel Wire Rope

Preventing Corrosion Damage of Steel Wire Rope

Wire rope is generally used in the open air, sun and rain day, this will make the wire rope corrosion, especially in the harmful gases and harsh environments use the wire rope, corrosion damage caused by more serious. Due to corrosion and damage to the surface of the wire rope there is the difference between the oxygen affinity, so that a part of the surface of the metal into the anode, the other adjacent to the local metal cathode, forming a large number of small batteries. In the role of small batteries, the surface will form a lot of circular corrosion pits, and gradually deepened. These pit has become the focus of stress, fatigue crack source. At the same time, corrosion reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire rope, reducing the resilience and ability to withstand the impact.

There are two ways to prevent the corrosion of steel wire rope corrosion, one is ground oil, for the often in the state of the steel wire coating is essential. The new wire rope chop generally contains 12% to 15% of the fat, and the scrapped wire rope in the most loss of the site only 2.4% of the oil, in the same rope end, even without the pulley also contains 12.7% to 14.5% Of the fat. Experiments show that the oil wire rope in the late test occurred in the broken wire is about half of the oil. The initial oil content of a wire rope can only maintain 40% of life, then if not refueling is a sharp increase in broken wire. Second, the use of harsh environment, the relative movement of less wire rope can choose galvanized, aluminum and other special wire rope. These steel wire exposed to the atmosphere in the galvanized or aluminum surface will form zinc hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide film, can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel wire rope.

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