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Hoist Wire Rope

Analysis of Several Causes of The Hoist’s Steel Wire Rope Deformation


A lot of rope breaking accidents are caused by the deformation and damage of the wire rope, The main causes of deformation are the following:

1 trauma

In the course of operation, wire rope and other equipment is not the normal contact easily lead to trauma. The most obvious trauma is the rope in the pulley in the chute, jump out of the baffle on the reel, the results often make tens of meters or even hundreds of meters of wire rope because of local rolling and scrapped.

The key to preventing wire rope trauma is to improve the crane equipment. The pulley shall be provided with a reliable anti-slip groove, and the clearance between the retaining ring and the outer ring of the pulley shall not exceed 1/5 of the diameter of the wire rope. The wire rope on the reel can not be loosened too much to prevent the rope from jumping out of the baffle.

2 crushing

The wire rope is prone to crush after rolling on the roll. When the wire rope is crimped on the reel, it will be tilted with each other, and the sound will be issued during the operation. Damage caused by the collapse of the wire rope will appear in the local rapid collapse and crushing marks.

The prevention measures should be based on the design specifications to select the pulley and the drum of the angle, if necessary, in the hoisting mechanism can be set up rope or rope device to prevent the phenomenon of wire rope chaos.

3 kink

The permanent deformation of the wire rope after local twisting is called the wire rope kink. The direction of the twist is the same as that of the wire rope, and is called a positive kink. Ordinary wire rope with self-rotation, if the end of the rope without tying will be applied tension, the rope will be twisted in the direction of rotation, which is caused by the inherent factors of wire kink. After the wire rope in the kink, after several lifting load, and only the local cord exposed, generally no broken wire phenomenon. But the test shows that the strength of the wire rope after kink damage will be significantly reduced. The strength of the kink is only 60% to 80% of the original intensity, and the strength of the negative kink is less than 50% of the original intensity. Severe intensity will be reduced to only the original 10% to 20%.

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