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Overhead Crane Design

The advantage of overhead crane design

Overhead crane is according to the characteristics of the overhead crane to modify and design, in the structure of the overhead crane, overhead crane frame set up the trolley and lifting mechanism, Through the design to make the car run before and after implementation, supporting and so on, in order to realize the object of transport work in three-dimensional space.

10 Ton Double grider Overhead Crane Drawing, Span 20m, Lifting height 3.8m

Due to Overhead crane the unique design concept, features are: light weight, small size, compact structure, low energy consumption.Compare to the traditional lifting equipment, to lift heavy weights to the very root of metope distance is reduced to the lowest, can more close to the front of the homework, increased the factory’s actual effective use of space.
overhead crane girder is optimization design, the structure is a common box beam and H beam and welded by steel plate, steel plate Q235B steel materials used for domestic, vertical degree can meet the national standard, reasonable structure design, light weight.
Before welding of steel material, need to shot blasting pretreatment, its standardize reach Sa2.5 level, in front of the steel plate welding should be carefully check and clean steel, welding work is usually composed of automatic welding machine: welding (MIG or semi-automatic welding) completed; After welding of the Europe type crane girders were performed on the weld NDT.

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