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Gantry Crane Electrical

Gantry Crane Electrical Fault Diagnosis and Treatment Cases

Gantry Crane usually commissioning, installation, maintenance, repair and maintenance of the problem encountered in the process of handling.


First, one of the failures the gantry crane without lifting


When the hoist master controller is operated to raise or lower the gears, the hoisting motor is stopped after an instantaneous operation. Press the reset button and then test, fault phenomenon repeated.

Troubleshooting procedures:

1, check the hoisting mechanism of the main circuit breaker, no tripping, indicating that the main circuit breaker hoisting normal;

2, disconnect the main circuit power supply, the control input address table, dynamically check the PLC up a number of input points, the lifting master controller to a different position, the corresponding address light, indicating the master controller input signal normal;

3, closed main circuit power, the experimental lift action, observe the PLC input point, found the lift support brake feedback address lamp has not lighted, indicating that the brake limit switch problems, the solution, the brake corresponds to a trip switch Of the PLC cabinet terminal block points short, then test, fault disappears.

4, further tests after the short lift action, found to support the brake to promote the power of hydraulic lift, the roof can not touch the limit switch, can not make the switch action, indicating the failure to confirm the brake switch limit switch caused by the roof . Remedy, re-adjust the brake switch position of the roof, in the removal of short-circuit, press the cab on the console reset button, fault elimination.

Experience Summary:

Check and then based on fault phenomena, further investigation. Gradually reduce the fault range. Gradually found, gradually resolved. Convenient and fast.

Similar to failure prevention:

The switch mounted on the brake, due to frequent impact, the switch and related parts easy to loose or shift, therefore, in the daily maintenance, should strengthen its inspection Fastening.

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