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Overhead Bridge Crane Design

Brife description of Overhead Bridge Crane Design
Lifting Weight: 2t-10t
Span: 7.5m-31.5m or other
Lifting Height: 6m-24m

Overhead Bridge Crane Design
Overhead Bridge Crane Design

Features Overhead Bridge Crane Design:
1.10t Overhead Crane is for lifting 5t~10t stuff;
2.It has beautiful box-typed welded main girders. Computer optimized design for main girders with good performance and light weight;
3.Compact structure, light weight and high lifting height;
4.The Max. span reaches 40 meters;
3.It’s widely used in workshops, metallurgy, warehouses and assembly shops etc.

European Style Overhead Bridge Crane Design Main Features

1.Design and fabricate according to FEM/DIN standard
2.Light duty & modular design
3.Advanced fabricated technology
4.High security
5.High reliability
6.Low-energy and maintenance-free

  • 1.Single main girders, box-type shaped by wielding;
    2. High quality carbon steel Q235B and Q345B;
    3. Double girder connected by high strength screws;
    4. Welding seams are tested by X-ray and ultrasound;
    5. Forged wheels;
    6. Compact structure, small volume and light weight trolley;
    7. Lifting mechanism is open type winch trolley;
    8. Compact reducer motor drive, step less control, hardened gears and safety disc brake;
    9. Good operation performance, step less speed regulating and running smoothly;
    10. Main girders Shot blasting sa2.5 after welding to release internal stresses;
    11. Painting high quality epoxy zinc-rich primer, and the thickness of oil film is 140μm;
  • Electric System Overhead Bridge Crane Design:
  • 1. Power supply through step less slide lines;
  • 2. Lifting mechanisms and traveling mechanisms are mutually independent and could travel at the same time;
    3. Control panel protection degree is IP54;
    4. Reasonable components installation, convenient for check and maintenance;
    5. Electric cable is suspended in cable saddle, stationary cable trolley which slides on a galvanized C-type steel;
    Safety Protection Devices Overhead Bridge Crane Design:
    Overload limiter, limit switch (lifting and traveling), interlocking protection devices, buffer, track sweep plate, shield, bus bar protection board, anti-collision device, main disconnecting switch, emergency stop system and motor overload protection.
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