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Nucleon Crane Group

This is Nucleon

He lives in the company of giants

Is located in the yangze side

Changyuan is his foundation

Lifting is his future

Sincerity, integration, enterprising and win-win is his eternal spirit

It is his unchanging mission to build an advanced enterprise and an international brand

Here, it’s Nucleon!

Wisdom leads lifting, innovation unlimited future

The road of hoisting is in the ascendant

The logo of NUCLEON company comes from fang sheng, a traditional Chinese pattern

It expresses concentricity and connection

Also show the company is vigorous and enterprising

Nucleon Crane Group
Nucleon Crane Group

450,000 square meters of land

Plant row, layout is reasonable

The factory is green with grass and beautiful environment

In the workshop

The most lean is the ND gourd workshop

See a clear window, neat, uniform

We know the craft of “keep improving”

Nucleon Crane
Nucleon Crane

In the garden

The most beautiful is the central garden

Look at the flowers, red and green

This is a place for employees to relax after work

Gathering together  thriving

Today’s Nucleon

labor model emerged

Advanced personages in various positions are emerging one after another

The number of knowledgeable people in each department keeps increasing

New times Nucleon

Is being open and inclusive

The face of entrepreneurship

Write a more splendid new chapter of The Times

Cultural and recreational activities are colorful

The factory inside and outside

Culture publicity wall and exhibition hall show corporate culture

Employee life

Travel, fun, parties, badminton and other activities are not unique


For the food of Nucleon, with its ingenuity, three meals in a day seem to be ordinary, but it embodies the skills of the cooks of Nucleon. The dishes are abundant, including steaming, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, baking, cooking, frying, waxen, vinegar, sauce, wine and honey, with various types and perfect taste

The products are top-notch and well-known

Nucleon Overhead Crane
Nucleon Overhead Crane

On the way to development

He knows how to seize the moment

In the struggle

He knows how to keep forging ahead


He is colorful

Overhead Crane, gantry crane

Coal safety series lifting equipment

Research and development of various material handling systems such as light and small lifting equipment

Manufacturing, installation, sales and service as one

He is accessible to all parts of the country, all over the world Germany Demag company ABM company China coal group China automobile group and so on he will be closely connected with the world open to embrace friends from all over the world

He’s advancing

Successively awarded “national high-tech enterprise”

“National mechanical industry quality award”

“National intellectual property advantage enterprise”

“China machinery industry quality brand”

“Henan provincial quality benchmark”

Over 200 honors such as “quality and credit 3A grade industrial enterprise of henan province”



Innovative Nucleon is leading the development of lifting

Annual sales conference

Let Nucleon stand at “position C” of lifting industry

New Time, New Nucleon

Choose Nucleon. a win-win future

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