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Nucleon power Taiyuan railway construction

Breaking the monopoly of the industry, achieve the domestic initiative – Nucleon power Taiyuan railway construction

pipe cranes

Nucleon production of pipe cranes supporting the largest diameter of the earth pressure balance shield machine “Kirin” in Taiyuan

three tube cranes

Nucleon production of three tube cranes breaking the monopoly, achieve the domestic initiative


Recently, Nucleon crane group produced two pieces of pipe cranes and a box culvert crane supporting the largest domestic diameter of the earth pressure shield machine “Kirin” in Taiyuan origin digging, common help Taiyuan railway hub southwest line project.

Sealing machine is a large-scale shield equipment on the key handling conveyor crane, by the trolley operating mechanism, hoisting mechanism, traverse mechanism, spreader, electrical and other components, mainly for the transport of mining tunneling process Sheet, the laying of the box with the box and other parts of the lifting.

The project is the first time Nucleon company for the China Railway Equipment Group production to provide supporting pipe cranes, using the current advanced PLC centralized control, frequency control system, and hydraulic systems and other technologies. One of the three-piece cranes due to operating environment constraints, technical requirements, complex structure, previously monopolized by foreign companies, Nucleon R & D team fear difficulties, determined to explore, have overcome the short-range multi-group electro-hydraulic putter synchronization , Four sets of European-style gourd joint lift, to reduce the overall height of more than 20 problems and technological innovation, in one fell swoop to break the monopoly, have achieved the domestic initiative.

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