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Motorized Gantry Crane

Running state and load characteristic of Motorized Gantry Crane motor

Gantry crane

The Motorized Gantry Crane motor for the lifting mechanism, regardless of load rise or fall, the load torque direction is always downward. Because of this kind of load and potential energy, therefore, called a torque load, its distribution features in Ⅰ or Ⅳ quadrant.

Load for running mechanism, is along the direction of change, its torque direction also change, so called resistance torque load, characterized by blocking operation effect. The feature distribution in Ⅰ or Ⅲ quadrant.

Motor running state analysis

  1. When the load is raised, the rotating direction of the motor and the direction of the rotating magnetic field are the same, and the motor is in the electric state. The motor works in the quadrant of “I”
  2. When the motor is changed from the electric state to the braking state, When slowing down, the motor works in quadrant II.
  3. When change the direction of rotation decreased load motor, the motor rotating magnetic field direction changes, motor for the backward state of electric work in Ⅲ quadrant.
  4. When the load drops, the position torque is greater than the motor torque, and the “inverted pull” braking state is formed. At the same time, the motor rotation direction and the rotating magnetic field direction are opposite, and the motor works in the quadrant of “IV”
  5. The opposite direction of motor rotation, make the load down, more than synchronous speed of the motor, the motor rotation direction with a rotating magnetic field direction, in a state of dynamic braking.
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