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Motor Driven Gantry Crane

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Motor Driven Gantry Crane
Motor Driven Gantry Crane

  1. Double Girder Motor Driven Gantry Crane is widely used together with winch or trolley for lifting device. It is a medium and heavy size crane which travels in track.
    2. Its proper lifting weight is 5 to 75 tons and proper span is 18 to 35 meters.
    3. Its proper working temperature is -20–+40 centigrade.
    4 .MG double girder goliath crane is composed of main beam, support legs, crane traveling organ, trolley, electric equipment, strong lifting winch.
    5. This product is a regular crane widely used in workshop, storage, port and hydroelectric power station and some other outdoor place, where it has a high frequency or more lifting times.
    6. Gantry lift has two control methods namely remote control and cabin control, or two control models together.
    7. Power is supplied by cable or slide wire.
    8. It is prohibited for lifting melt metal, flammable, explosive, corrosion, overloading, dust and other dangerous operations.
    9. Double Girder Motor Driven Gantry Crane have A type, U type. U type is designed for container lifting. It could be designed with cantilever or not.
    10.The Double Girder Motor Driven Gantry Crane with three working class: A5, A6, A7. The main beam, legs and travelling beams are made by steel plates, it is very strong and has small body, it is suitable for ocean transport.
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