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mine explosion-proof electric hoist

Requirements of mine explosion-proof electric hoist

Explosion Proof Hoist

In the field of mining, we often use the lifting equipment, due to the special environment, in order to protect the safety, so we will use explosion-proof electric hoist. On the use of explosion-proof electric hoist requirements, many people are asking, the following questions based on common problems made the following, hoping to help everyone.

Lifting the most important part of the “motor”, different specifications of the type of electric hoist, the motor is different, mine explosion-proof electric hoist motor also requires explosion-proof. Explosion-proof electric hoist according to the explosion-proof grade is divided into three, four explosion-proof, three explosion-proof motor part of the explosion-proof, and four for the whole explosion, that is, gourd exposed explosion-proof parts are made of special non-spark material, Proof more reliable.

Because the field of mining on the crane demanding, so we used the explosion-proof electric hoist also has a higher demand. For safety reasons, to remind you, in the choice of explosion-proof electric hoist must choose the technology clearance of the manufacturers, to understand the explosion-proof gourd explosion-proof level and the instructions attached to the Notes.

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