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MH electric hoist gantry crane

MH electric hoist gantry crane

single girder gantry crane

MH electric hoist gantry crane (also referred to as crane), also known as simple gantry crane. The machine main girder by general steel, steel pipe or steel plates welded together, used together with CD1 and MD1 electric hoist as trolley lifting and walking function. It has a simple structure, light weight, was good, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc. This machine is suitable for outdoor warehouse, wharf or along the railway for lifting operation.

The weight of 3-32 tons, using span is 6-35 meters, the work environment temperature within the scope of the – 30 – + 40 ℃, work level to light level or intermediate. The machine according to the structure is divided into girder with box, box beam or truss hybrid structure of crane. For the convenience of users, there are two types of ground and remote control for users to choose use. The crane consists of electrical equipment, supporting institution, the trolley(electric hoist), door frame. Standard power three-phase AC, 50 Hz, 380 volt power line. As the drum + cable. With zero protection device, emergency switch, travel limit switch and buffer safety protection device.

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