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To help you master the reliability of lifting appliances and fuel-efficient tips


The reliability of the crane refers to the comprehensive quality characteristics of the crane, including
the main:

No fault is the lifting machinery in a certain period of time, to maintain the quality of normal operation
without failure characteristics; Durability refers to the lifting machinery in the prescribed technical
maintenance and repair conditions, to maintain normal working capacity, until the limit state of the
quality characteristics. Maintenance refers to the lifting machinery to prevent failure, to identify the
cause of the malfunction, troubleshooting, recovery and its normal work quality characteristics;
preservation refers to the crane in the preservation and transportation process and the process, to
maintain trouble-free, durable Quality, maintainability of the quality characteristics.

In the crane construction to minimize weight, weight increase, fuel consumption will increase, so as far
as possible without affecting the project, remove the car is not related to things. Moreover, the crane
when driving, reduce drag, air resistance can be ignored, but should pay attention to is the rolling
resistance. Therefore, in order to avoid rolling resistance, construction of the channel to be well
maintained. Should pay attention to road conditions, tire selection can reduce fuel consumption. Speed
master, but also to master the relationship between fuel consumption and speed, and finally is the choice
of lubricants, good lubricants can reduce power consumption. But also reduce the fuel consumption of the
key factors.

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