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How to improve the efficiency of electric hoist

How to improve the efficiency of electric hoist

CD electric hoist

  1. static load test should be carried out before normal use and check for normal operation
  2. new installation or after dismantling the electric hoist installed, first of all should be empty test revolution times, But not installed before the end, should not power test.
  3. In use, it is strictly forbidden to use in an environment that is not allowed, or exceeds the rated load and the rated number of times per hour.
  4. Do not allow two simultaneous push-button buttons for the electric hoist to move in the opposite direction.
  5. After the work must be the power of the total gate pull, cut off the power.
  6. Electric hoist should be manipulated by hand, the operator should fully grasp the safe operating procedures, is strictly prohibited crooked hanging.
  7. Adjust the amount of brake hoist braking, should ensure that under the rated load, the amount of brake down. load under the brake glide amount
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