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How to choose electric hoist correctly

How to choose electric hoist correctly

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The selection of electric hoist, we should focus on the basic parameters of electric hoist and the quality of electric hoist

First, the basic parameters of electric hoist:

1, lifting height: electric hoist as a lifting tool, will have a strict lifting height requirements. Therefore, when the purchase should be based on the height of your plant first choice lifting height, the conventional lifting height of 6,9,12,18,24,30 m, special occasions can be based on user requirements for non-standard design.

2, the lifting speed: general electric hoist speed is divided into single speed (8m / min) and two-speed (8 / 0.8m / min) , generally in the absence of special requirements often use single-speed electric hoist CD1 type), such as your working conditions to enhance the process of heavy objects to be precise positioning of the case, easy to use two-speed electric hoist ( MD1 type), under normal circumstances, to enhance the speed of your work efficiency, the more high-speed The electric hoist, the more you can improve your efficiency.

3, motor power: different electric hoist using the motor is not necessarily the same, and the same 10t electric hoist motor may also be 13KW or 7.5KW, customers can according to their different needs to buy

4, voltage: electric hoist because it is used in all walks of life inside, so the electric hoist voltage is not the same, there are 380V industrial electricity, there are 220V civil electricity, and even 440V, 60HZ, 380V, 60HZ and a series of non-standard power supply

5, installation: electric hoist electric trolley type (i.e. electric hoist can be up and down and move around the heavy lifting) and fixed (only on the lifting points, fixed type) can be divided into fixed and fixed (A1) (A2), the user can choose the electric hoist for your installation based on your actual situation.

6, I-steel bottom to the distance from the center of the electric hoist electric hoist hook: purchase should pay attention to the spacing between the upper and lower hook, because in certain plant of electric hoist hook spacing have specific requirements, if you have strict requirements on hook spacing, low building height of electric hoist can meet your requirements.

Two, the quality of electric hoist:

Electric hoist as lifting equipment, safety is the most important thing we should consider, which requires us to buy electric hoist, we must strictly consider the quality of electric hoist

The general quality of the electric hoist is used to distinguish from the following aspects to judge, have not seen the goods before it is usually the first stage of purchasing, to ask the electric hoist origin, material, machine and electric hoist type, brand and price.

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