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hoisting machinery

The composition of hoisting machinery

Lifting machinery is used for vertical or vertical lifting and horizontal movement of heavy mechanical and electrical equipment. It is divided into electric hoist, all kinds of cranes.

First, the hoisting machinery (mainly to electric hoist) composition and working principle


  1. Composition:

1) Hoisting mechanism: mainly by the drive device, transmission, winding mechanism, the fetching bodies, brake devices and other components.

2) trolley run institutions: operating agencies, also known as electric car, by the brake with the cone-type rotor motor, through the operation of deceleration.Drive a small car driving wheel along the I-beam rail movement. Including drive, transmission, support and braking


3) electrical devices: electrical devices from the electrical control box, control buttons, limit switches and safety control switches and other components. Control buttons (commonly known as control handle) generally by the control switch, up, down, left and right direction button. The limiter is used to prevent the weight from rising or falling beyond the limit position. When the weight reaches the limit position, along the axle of the guide wire to move the limit bar on the stop block, so that the limit bar to push the limiter, cut off the main circuit or control circuit, so that heavy objects stop lifting.

2, Principle of work: After electrification, the lifting motor will directly drive the input shaft of the reducer through the elastic coupling. After three gears decelerate, the output shaft of the reducer – a hollow shaft drives the reel to rotate, So that lifting hook.

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