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Double beam overhead crane double trolley

Design of 5 + 5T Double beam overhead crane double trolley

Key words: Double beam overhead crane linkage design double trolley

Abstract: This paper introduces the electric linkage design scheme of a 5 + 5t double-trolley bridge crane in a pipe pile company. As the motor power of each organization in the project is relatively small and the whole machine work is not very frequent, the whole electrical linkage adopts H-linkage Handle the cam controller + resistor + motor to achieve, so that two trolleys can run simultaneously or stand-alone operation, two sets of hoisting mechanism can also be run simultaneously or stand-alone operation. Low cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance, which can meet the requirement of on-site operating conditions, and has certain reference and reference value.

First, Project Background

Double-car bridge crane is suitable for manufacturing workshop, warehouse, yard, hydropower station maintenance, assembly and other places, the general handling loading and unloading operations. PHC pipe pile is a kind of cement product building material with high technological content in the pile foundation engineering of China’s construction industry with the background of the lifting demand of PHC pipe pile in a pipe pile production workshop. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, strong penetrating power, short construction period, stable and reliable quality, good anti-seismic and anti-corrosion performance, low comprehensive cost, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient and safe detection. In this project, 5 + 5T double-girder overhead crane is required to realize the whole pipe pile transportation, and also can lift other auxiliary parts separately. This requires that the two trolleys of crane should be designed in electrical control. To meet both to achieve single action can be achieved linkage.

Second, the overall program

Our overall program is divided into mechanical synchronization and electrical synchronization in two parts.

Mechanical synchronization: the lifting of two cars and operating agencies are using the same motor to ensure that the motor speed synchronization. At the same time in order to prevent the collision of two cars, two cars are set between the crash safety foot and crash limit switch, when the two cars running to the limit distance, safety foot crash safety switch, protection circuit power, car stop .

Double beam overhead crane double trolley
The car general layout structure

Electrical synchronization: The lifting mechanism adopts the cam controller + RT asymmetrical resistor + motor control mode, at the same time, the hoisting mechanism is equipped with the rising limit switch. When the rising position is up, the hoisting control circuit is de-energized. . The operating mechanism of the trolley adopts the cam controller + RT asymmetric resistor + motor control mode, and the trolley running mechanism has the limit limit switch. When the trolley runs to the limit position, the control circuit is de-energized and can only run in the opposite direction.

Control protection circuit wiring diagram

                              Control protection circuit wiring diagram

It should be noted that the linkage consoles of this project need manufacturers to make, we use the H-type handle with buckle lock linkage console, the driver through the right hand can directly operate the lifting mechanism of the two car lift the level of the car before and after the move.

Third, the main electrical components

Lifting motor: YZR160L-6 (S3-40%) 11KW 2 sets

Car motor: YZR112M-6 (S3-25%) 1.8KW 2 units

Integrated protection cabinet: GQR-4800 1 set

Lifting resistor: RT54-160L-6 / 2B-X 2 sets

Car Resistor: RT52-112M-6 / 1B-X 2 sets

Interoperability platform: QT1B-023/4800 1 set

Fourth, the summary

Since the project was put into operation in 2012, the use of good results to meet the customer site daily hanging pipe pile use requirements. As the machine using the traditional cam controller for control, control circuit is simple, easy to maintain later, more suitable for crane work is not too frequent, less demanding on the control of the lifting place.

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