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Basic requirements of electric hoist motor

hoist motor

Electric hoist directly play a big role in the course of the motor, electric hoist motor if equipped with a two-speed motor, then it has a fast and slow speed, and its main role is to facilitate the speed of lifting objects can be arbitrary Control, reducing the inertia of the object when the lift, because the fast inertia.

Electric hoist is the most widely used light lifting equipment, its working characteristics, repeated several short-term operation, frequent lifting, reversing and braking, often overload, operating environment for more dust and metal dust environment, operating hours Resulting in a strong vibration, so in order to meet the needs of electric hoist, as its main power source of the motor should have the following characteristics:

1, the first electric hoist motor should be stronger than ordinary industrial motor intermittent cycle characteristics, based on load duration, the number of contacts, lifting the number of motor selection as an important parameter.

2, electric hoist motor should have a better lifting torque and overload capacity,

3, electric hoist motor with a smaller rotor inertia, greater rotor aspect ratio, less line of sight brake.

4, the electric hoist on the motor should have the maximum safety speed is rated several times the speed, under normal circumstances is about 2.5 times the synchronous speed.

5, the electric hoist motor should adapt to different operating temperature and humidity, and should have the lowest of two grades of the same insulation level.

As the continuous development of insulation technology, both in the design of the motor requires increased output, but also requires reduction of volume, so that the new electric hoist motor thermal capacity is getting smaller and smaller load capacity; and because of the increase in production automation, Requiring frequent operation of the motor starting, braking, reversing and variable load and other means, the motor protection devices put forward higher requirements.

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