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The analysis of electric hoist crane can not run reason

electric hoist control box

  1. To check whether the equipment of the power fuse burn out, If it breaks, the electric hoist cannot turn, The electric hoist crane starting torque is zero, In this way, the motor of the device will not work, and it needs to be replaced with enough fuses.
  2. And the voltage of the grid is too low, So its regulated moment of the equipment is proportional to the square of the voltage. The acceleration torque can not overcome the load torque and can not reach the operating speed. Needs to do is to improve the grid voltage of the equipment.
  3. The stator winding is short circuited or grounded or broken. This means that the winding ground wire of the electric hoist appears at the lead wire ground, need to done is to open the junction box to check. It should be noted that the motor can not be checked in the short circuit, It is important to check that the wiring of the control equipment is correct. If ac contactor contact caused by poor contact line can’t get through. It should be sand the contactor spots removed, and also need to check the core attraction and disconnect situation at the same time. There is no obstruction, and if so, need to be replaced.
  4. There is also need to pay attention to that the crane parts, electric hoist load if too big, it will happen, can not lift heavy load can not overload, that is, electric hoist can not rotate. The solution is to unload the load first, if the motor is checked for normal starting, Explain that the gear box is faulty, check the dragging mechanism and clear the trouble. Run again when the crane is need to test, Run the test after good in put into use.
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