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gantry crane operation safety

Small details of the gantry crane is related to the life and safety of and the three steps to achieve its self-protection


In the operation of the machine, the safety consciousness of the mechanical operation personnel need to enhance, and the protection consciousness of the personnel in the operation process needs to be strengthened. Therefore, should know how to judge the dangerous section and dangerous operation guidelines, need to stop work on a dangerous process, the following are some of the gantry crane operator self-protection methods:

  1. Should choose appropriate location

The operation should be chosen to open the venue, when the accident occurred in time to evacuate from  the danger zone.

  1. Should establish the stable point

When the operation to confirm the stability of the footing: standing on the mechanical equipment and stacked objects hanging, should pay attention to the foot of the risk of slipping and tripping.

  1. Should avoid harmful orientation

The operation should avoid the loss of ability to effect direction, because the hanging in operation may fall or slip, asymmetric lifting will swing and rotation, the normal operation of gantry crane has kinetic energy. Therefore, operators need to pay attention to avoid the harmful range in suspension and command.

More and more research on the safety accidents of gantry cranes in our country shows that some of them are not standardized management. In the gantry crane operation due to operator negligence, did not do a good job of protective measures and examples of accidents are not uncommon, they tend to think that their technical skills, accidents and has nothing to do with. Mechanical accident, is related to the safety of life, or to pay attention to the operation, especially the above mentioned site selection, fixed point and other small details. For machinery subtle environment and problems is also likely causes of gantry crane accidents. Some operators often ignore the above is the problem caused the tragedy.

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