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the Safety Operation Rules of Single Girder Overhead Crane

Explain the Safety Operation Rules of Single Girder Overhead Crane


One of the safe operating procedures for single girder overhead cranes: before work

1, with a cab of the single girder overhead crane, the driver before driving the car, the hook, wire rope and safety devices and other components according to the requirements of the check card to check and found abnormal circumstances, should be excluded.

2, ground-operated single-beam overhead crane, each class should be responsible for checking the requirements of the card to check, found abnormal circumstances, should be ruled out.

3, the operator must confirm the station or track no one, before they can close the main power supply. When the power circuit breaker on the lock or signs, the original should be removed before closing the main power supply.

Safety operation rules for single girder overhead crane

1, the first time each class lifting heavy objects (or load to reach the maximum weight), should be hanging from the ground height of 0.5 meters, the weight down again, check the brake performance, confirm the reliable, and then normal operation.

2, strict implementation of the “ten hanging” system:

① command signal is unknown or chaos command is not hanging;

② more than the rated weight from the hanging;

③ spreader use is unreasonable or the object is not hanging

④ hanging objects or other floating objects are not hanging;

⑤ brake or other brake safety device failure is not hanging;

⑥ driving hanging heavy objects directly when the processing is not hanging;

⑦ crooked pull hanging;

⑧ with explosive objects do not hang;

⑨ buried in the underground objects do not pull;

⑩ with corners of the mouth of the object, not good or not hanging;

3, found abnormal, immediately shut down, cut off the power, check the reasons and promptly ruled out.

Operation rules of single – beam overhead crane safety operation: after work

1, the hook will be elevated to a certain height, the cart parked in the designated position, the controller handle placed in the “zero” bit; pull down the knife, cut off the power.

2, for routine maintenance.

3, do a good job shift work.

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