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Gantry Crane Equipment

The safe use of Gantry Crane Equipment

40 ton double girder gantry crane

When testing the trolley, record the made by the quality inspection department. At the same time the equipment lubrication, it is the important work of equipment maintenance and use. Correct, reasonable and economic selection and configuration of various lubricants, Timely and effective lubrication of the equipment, can not only greatly reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the equipment, but also can improve the mechanical efficiency, reduce energy consumption, the benefit of expenditure.

For large equipment such as Gantry Crane Equipment, we pay special attention to safety problems in actual use. When it comes to security, it needs to be planned in the actual installation and maintenance. When installing a Gantry Crane Equipment, must be installed in the correct steps to complete the work, so as to reduce the risk of crane accidents. The main girder of the crane is assembled on the ground after checking the main beam, leg, wheel box and so on the ground. The main longitudinal beam is assembled on the ground. First, the main longitudinal beam is hoisted in order into one side of the main beam and the other side of the main beam with a crane. And install the good walking platform, waiting for the next step of assembly. Installation of electrical facilities, electrical wiring, dismantling of cables, ground anchors and other equipment. Then testing trolley.

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