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Electric Shop Hoist

How to handle the lift out of control of the wire rope Electric Shop Hoist?


In use process of Wire rope Electric Shop Hoist, can appear lift is out of control sometimes.

The reason and approach:

Control failure of stroke switch. When travel switch Electric Shop Hoist up reaches limit position, Safety protection measures for timely power off. Because of the long and frequent use of the stroke control switch, the loosening displacement is easy to occur. Even more, when the wire rope is replaced, it is taken off, thus losing the emergency protection device and causing the hidden danger. Therefore should strengthen the safety of operating personnel training.

AC contactor main contact sintering link. Due to the quality problem of the contactor or contactor improper selection and so on, The main contact is often sintered and bonded, which can not be broken at the time of disconnection, causing the Electric Shop Hoist to not stop up in time. So the quality of electrical communication must be reliable, choose normal manufacturer of qualified products. Due to the frequent operation of the Electric Shop Hoist, the contactor must choose the appropriate model.

Control button failure: Insulation breakdown circuit mainly for button, button insulation breakdown circuit just because of the frequent operation, Make its effectiveness are destroyed.

Poor working environment causes large leakage current, untimely maintenance and unqualified quality, it is also a common cause of control button failure. So to ensure safe operation, in addition to select qualified products, but also strengthen the routine maintenance, solve the security hidden danger in time.

Check the above three parts, will find the main cause of the Electric Shop Hoist rise and fall out of control, recommended by the professional personnel for maintenance and inspection. Found that the problem timely maintenance and replacement parts.

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