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Gantry Crane Design Manual Download

Gantry Crane Design Manual Download

Located in Hometown of crane, have own factory, can design crane by customer’s special requirements. we are not NO.1 of crane supplier, but the best professional supplier in this line. Our company has achieved ISO9001 & CE certifications.



Gantry Crane Design Manual Download

3ton to 32ton  Single Beam Gantry Crane Design Manual Download
Span(rail to rail center) 12m~35m or others
Cantilevers According to your demand, but not more than 1/3 of span
Lifting height 6m, 9m, 12m or other height
Capacity 3t, 5t 10t 15t, 16t 20t, 25t 30t, 32t
Lifting speed(m/min) 8, 8/0.8 7/0.7 3.5,


4, 4/0.4 3, 3/0.3
Cross travelling speed(m/min) 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20
Long travelling speed(m/min) 20, 30 20, 30 20, 30 20, 30 20, 30
Duty Class A3/A4
Power source 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase (or other standard)
Working temperature -20~40°C
Control model Pendant pushbutton control, cabin control or remote control











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