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Analysis on the Difference between Reducer and Frequency Converter for Gantry Container Crane

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The difference between reducer and frequency changer for Gantry Container Crane:

Reducer is through the mechanical transmission device to reduce the motor speed, and the inverter is by changing the AC frequency to achieve the motor speed adjustment purposes. Through the inverter to reduce the motor speed, you can achieve the purpose of energy conservation. Worm reducer and worm gear reducer difference: worm reducer and worm gear reducer is not much difference, are composed of worm and worm, but the worm reducer more rough, no worm gear reducer precision, With the specifications of the worm reducer torque than the worm gear reducer large, worm gear reducer is the main aluminum alloy, but the worm reducer only cast iron, the greater the difference is the price of the worm reducer than the worm The speed of the reducer is much cheaper.

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