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frequency conversion control electric winch

Characteristics of frequency conversion control system for electric winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch

Compared with the original winch machine system, “winch frequency conversion control system” protection function is strong, high safety factor, good operability, small size, light weight, low failure rate. Output torque, brake reliable, stepless smooth speed , The operation of a stable shutdown, fast and convenient for the tank, and because the function is simple and reasonable configuration, easy maintenance and use, safe and reliable work, greatly reducing the entire system of the purchase cost and maintenance costs.

In the system design, in particular, a variety of protective measures, and the various levels, the protection of each link associated with each other, the coordination of the reliability of a greater increase in the system can automatically monitor the grid is normal, when the grid voltage is too high or Too low and phase when the system can send an alarm signal and automatically stop the system running. The system can control the speed of the hoisting machine and can effectively prevent the stall or run speed. It has the function of motor detection, automatic detection of the relevant parameters of the motor, determining the torque boost, the DC braking voltage and the original resistance of the motor can be more effective The motor can be effectively protected in advance. When the temperature is too high, the system can advance the warning signal. When the temperature continues to rise, the system can be safe. When the temperature is too high, the system can be used to protect the motor. Automatically stop running and alarm.

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