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Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Introduction of Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist

electric hoist rope


As an important tool of lifting industry, electric hoist has an unacquireable status and its application scope is very wide.

Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist as a kind of electric hoist. The technology is mature and stable, and many advantages of high efficiency are widely used in industrial production, commercial storage and logistics, etc Explosion-proof electric hoist equipped with motor has normal speed, fast, precise lifting and other forms. Through the drive gear coupling installed at level 2, can prevent the hoist overload, high strength lifting chain makes more safe and stable operation treated with special explosion-proof hoist adapt more flammable, explosive, more dust in working environment.

The use of Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Electric Hoist should also be paid more attention:

The temperature should be: -20c to 40c: above sea level, 1000m below sea level. Relative humidity 85% (20 + 5 degrees Celsius). Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist theme of suspension in the h beam orbit as a straight line or curve, or installed on the fixed bracket, for the use of lifting heavy objects, explosion-proof electric hoist wire rope can be used according to different requirements, reported the explosion-proof single beam suspension crane or single, double beam bridge crane systems.

Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist running mechanism, the use of electric cars, the gear reducer for high quality steel section is made, and the heat treatment, all adopt the rolling bearing, in hoisting height, running mechanism and the lifting mechanism adopts joint bearing connection, ensure the operation flexibility, small turning radius, easy to use, long service life, h rail should be applicable to the running organization choose by GB706-88 standard.

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