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EOT Crane With Hoist

Single Girder EOT Crane With Hoist

Load capacity: 2t

Span: 7.5-32m

Lifting height: 6-30m

Work duty: A3-A5

Working temperature: -25°-40° 

EOT Crane With Hoist
EOT Crane With Hoist

2 ton single girder EOT Crane With Hoist is produced on the basis of the original crane, which can carry a large object of conformity. It adopts a unique design process, which is not only firm and reliable, but also has a short installation time, mainly by the bridge, Institutions, cars, electrical equipment and other components, and its operating room using a user-friendly design to ensure the comfort of the operator, the crane is a modern industrial lifting transport is very important lifting equipment, steel and chemical industry, port and other places are Can see its shadow, it is by the cart of the vertical, the car’s horizontal and hook up and down the three groups of forms of movement.

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