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electric hoist rope

Maintenance of electric hoist wire rope in using

electric hoist rope

1, electric hoist wire rope during use ,the overload is strictly prohibited, should not be impact, in the bundling or lifting needs, be careful not to make the wire rope and direct object fast mouth contact angle at the contact edge, they should take the block pad, canvas, or other backing to sack to prevent the object fast mouth edges damage the rope and equipment life and accident.

2, electric hoist wire rope in the use of process must always check its strength, generally at least six months must be a comprehensive inspection or strength test.

3, electric hoist wire rope in the course of the use, such as the length is not enough, you must use shackle connection, strictly prohibit the use of wire rope to wear a long wire rope lifting method, so as to avoid the resulting shear force.

4, electric hoist rope wearing a pulley, the edge should not be broken and gap.

5, electric hoist wire rope in the course of the use of wire rope, especially in the movement and other objects do not friction, but should not be inclined with the edge of the steel edge, so as to not cut the edges and corners of steel wire rope, a direct impact on the service life of wire rope.

6, in the high temperature objects on the use of wire rope, you must use insulation measures, because the rope after the high temperature will be greatly reduced its strength.

7, electric hoist wire rope in the use of the process, with particular attention to prevent the wire rope and wire contact. Due to power, the rope will be damaged, affecting the smooth operation.

8, electric hoist wire rope in the use of the process, we must always pay attention to check whether the fracture damage and whether it is used, or need to replace the new rope to ensure safety.

9, electric hoist wire rope in the use of a period of time, you must add lubricating oil, on the one hand can prevent the rope rust, on the other hand, the use of rope in the process, its shares between the same rope between the wire and wire Mutual friction friction, especially in the rope by the bending force, this friction is more exciting, plus the oil can reduce this friction.

10, electric hoist wire rope storage, according to the above method to clean the dirt on the wire rope after a good oil, and then coiled well, stored in a dry place, under the wire rope pad with wood or sleepers, must be regularly checked.

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