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Electric Hoist And Trolley

Wire rope Electric Hoist And Trolley components and the role of various functions

CD electric hoist

Wire rope Electric Hoist And Trolley components can be divided into: reducer, control box, wire rope, cone motor, push button switch.

The functions of each parts are as follows:

Reducer: is the use of three fixed shaft helical gear transmission mechanism, gear and gear shaft are all heat treatment of alloy steel, box, box made of high quality cast iron, tight assembly, good sealing.

Control box: It is a device that can cut off the main circuit in an emergency and with an upper and lower stroke protection section fire limiter.

Wire rope: The utility model adopts a lifting rope, which ensures the durability.

Cone motor: hoisting motor with a larger power torque cone-shaped rotor brake asynchronous motor, no need for external brake. Button switch: hand-operated, lightweight and flexible, sub-rope manipulation and cordless remote control in two ways.

Electric Hoist And Trolley components

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