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Double girder Overhead crane safety

The Double girder Overhead crane safety check to prevent personal accident


Overhead crane generally work in the workshop, warehouse and material field, it is the name of the two ends of it because of the tall cement column and metal stent, the shape and the Overhead is more like, so called Overhead crane. The characteristics of the Overhead crane is to make full use of space below the Overhead, not affected by ground equipment, is currently using a popular hoisting machinery.

Safety inspection specification

Overhead crane safety inspection in order to ensure the safe operation of the Overhead crane, crane during the operation of the need for a number of safety routine inspection, inspection items and key points are as follows:

  1. The lifting height is limited, the travel limit switch and interlock mechanism are normal, safe and reliable.
  2. The main components meet the safety requirements: increasing opening less than 15% of the original size, the torsional deformation is less than 10%; the 50% hook bushing wear is smaller than the original size of the plate, the plate hook spindle wear less than 5%, no peeling, burr, welding. Hook rack and pulley without obvious defects. The surfaces of steel wire rope wire wear and corrosion is less than 40% of the diameter of steel wire, broken wire without breakage in a twist within less than the total number of 10%, silk, no fine, no core prolapse, dead twisting, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning phenomenon. At the end of the wire rope connecting and fixing clips, clips, wedge connection is intact, no loose plate, not less than 2, the number of not less than 3. The clip reel no crack, connection, fixation without loosening; wall wear less than the original wall thickness of not less than 20%; safety roll ring, drum and wire rope the ratio of the diameter to meet the requirements. Brake no crack, no loose, no serious wear, brake clearance on both sides of the same size, there is enough braking force, brake wear is less than the original thickness of 50%.

Through the safety inspection of the Overhead crane, it has played a significant role in the prevention of personal accidents, the reduction of equipment accidents, the improvement of equipment operation rate and the maintenance cost.

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