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Crane electrical diagram

Crane electrical diagram electrical equipment safe grounding


  1. Crane electrical diagram all charged equipment shell, metal wire, safety lighting, transformers, low side of the side should be grounded, trolley rail is not welded on the main beam, the change should be taken to ground;
  2. Where the equipment and control room to be installed at the place of use are grounded by the use unit;
  3. The grounding wire shall be made of galvanized flat steel with a cross section of not less than 150mm2, 10mm2 bare copper wire, the control room and the crane body grounding shall be not less than 40x4mm2 galvanized flat steel, not less than two;
  4. Grounding wire should be fixed by welding, or use the equipment on the ground screw (galvanized), joints should be removed rust stains, and the ground wire painted black;
  5. The grounding resistance between the neutral point of the crane and the neutral point of the power supply shall be not less than 4Ω;
  6. Do not use the ground wire for the current zero line;
  7. Lifting Electromagnet Grounding: Lifting electromagnets powered by alternating current grid, there must be reliable electrical connection between the shell and the crane;
  8. Suspension Control Button Station Ground: Suspension Control Button Station There must be a reliable electrical connection between the metal housing and the crane;
  9. Insulation resistance to the ground, the main circuit and the control circuit of the power supply voltage is greater than 500V, the circuit to the ground insulation resistance is generally not less than 0.5MΩ, humid environment shall not be less than 0.25MΩ, the measurement application of 500V megger at room temperature get on;
  10. Control room floor should be laid insulation mat.
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