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monorail hoist crane

The monorail hoist crane occurred the abnormal noise in the process of running

electric hoist control box

monorail hoist crane many faults, such as control of electrical failure, motor and reducer, etc

Often accompanied by abnormal noise, the location, height, and pitch of these noises, different with the cause of the problem. Maintenance, can use or noise according to the fault characteristics, determine a sound position, looking for and repairs.

  1. No power. Does the power supply system transmit power to the monorail hoist crane ? Commonly used test pencil test, such as not sending, send again after work.
  2. Lack of phase. Gourd master and control loop of electrical appliances, circuit disconnection or poor contact, also can make the monorail hoist crane motor open phase can’t work normally. In this case, the main control loop must be repaired, In order to prevent the main control loop from sending power to the three-phase motor, the motor is burnt out of phase, or hoist the motor suddenly to power operation, produce harm, must hoist the hoist motor from the power line disconnect, only to the main control loop to send electricity. Then start and stop the switch, check, analyze, control the electrical appliances and the work of the circuit. For appliances with problems or line for repair or replacement, When confirm the master and control circuit of trouble-free, just can test again.
  3. The voltage is too low. Low voltage than rated voltage of the monorail hoist crane motor more than ten percent, Motor starting torque is too small, make the monorail hoist crane lifting goods, and will not work. Check the voltage of the motor is measured with a multimeter or voltmeter input.
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