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Common Faults and Treatment Methods of electric winch

Common Faults and Treatment Methods of electric winch

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Electric Winch operation, if there is abnormal sound, brake failure, the temperature of the bearing parts of the reducer is too high, should stop and check, troubleshooting, avoid taking the “disease” operations, in order to avoid the occurrence of mechanical or personal accident

The winch is not complicated, but if it can not seriously carry out maintenance and repair, it will frequent failures, shorten the life of life, so in addition to routine maintenance, the annual winter should be opened when the whole machine, the parts by scrapped, , Can be used to deal with the three categories. If some parts can not buy, homemade should grasp the following principles:

1, reel mandrel, drive shaft to use 45 steel processing and manufacturing, and heat treatment, the use of the old shaft, when the shaft diameter greater than 150mm, to do flaw inspection; for those who fail, must be replaced.

2, reel should be based on the size of the load, respectively, using cast steel ZG35 or gray iron HT20-40 casting, and effective treatment.

3, for the diameter of more than 30mm brake wheel, made of cast steel; for less than 30mm in diameter, is allowed to manufacture with gray iron HT20-40.

4, for the bearing bushings, to use copper production, not cast iron instead.

5, if the rope can also be used, should be removed for oil dip cooking, and coated with grease on the surface.

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