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How to repair the bridge crane

How to repair the bridge crane

5 ton Single girder crane

(1)First of all, it is necessary to the scene operator asked the phenomenon of failure and operation of the process carefully, analysis whether is caused by the fault due to violation of operating procedures.

(2) According to the site analysis may lead to failure location, and then according to the drawings to find the exact location of the fault.

(3) Use instrument to check fault location, find the point of failure and exclude it.

(4) When the failure phenomenon is not obvious, can’t confirm failure location, according to drawing with the instrument, the instrument adopts the step by step, point by point method to eliminate the possibility of failure of the parts, device exclusion. Finally, check the rest of the doubtful points, analyzed, to find the fault location, and exclude.

(5) When the fault is not a dangerous fault, also can adopt the method of instantaneous power, observe the scene and fault parts to find the point of failure.

(6) After troubleshooting, involved in the process of repair device, connecting wire, etc, According to the drawings to check, confirm the correct, then restore the installation of external devices.

(7) Confirmation of repaired crane with instrument measurement, There is no problem after test under no-load condition, The test should be repeated several times, Then should make resistance to fatigue and strength experiment, observe whether the crane can normal work correctly.

(8) After the no-load experiment of the bridge crane is completed, Load test, until the bridge crane can work properly.

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