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Pay attention to few points when buy cranes

Now, There are many types of cranes sold on the market. Well, choose the right crane, which is necessary to master the example. as follows:

One: single beam crane and double beam crane

Single girder craneBridge Crane hook

If the lifting weight and span requirements are not great, the preferred single girder crane can be. Although the request from the weight of more than 50 tons, and span more than 35 meters wide, but also to the operation of a higher demand; the need to choose a double beam crane.

Two: span

A very tense example of a crane is a span problem. To this end, the choice of time, must be in accordance with the machine can reach within the scope.

Three: determine the track

The time to choose the crane must be determined by the ratio between the track and the span. At the same time, the track is running at the time, to ensure that the machine in the track on the stable operation; but also to ensure that the goods can probably win through the plane of the bracket.

Four: appliance electrical equipment installation example

Crane in the tense balance of the example is the electrical installation equipment deployment. Choose the time, certainly according to GB / T14406-1993 example held.

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