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Technical parameters of single beam crane

Technical parameters of single beam crane

Single girder crane

As a single beam crane driver, you need to understand some common crane parameters:

  1. Lifting weight G: the quality of the lifted weight
  2. Effective lifting weight Gp: the lifting weight, Net quality of material.
  3. Rated lifting weight Gn: A crane to lift the weight or material, together with the sum of the slings
  4. The total weight or weight of material Gt: crane can lift, and can be divided into sling and long-term fixed on the crane sling and rigging (including hook, pulley, hoisting wire rope, lifting objects and other car following) the sum of the quality
  5. Maximum lifting weight: the maximum rated lifting capacity of crane under normal operating conditions
  6. Total quality of crane Go: The sum of crane parts quality
  7. Wheel pressure P: The maximum mass load on which a wheel is transmitted to the track (divided into working wheel pressure and non working wheel pressure)
  8. Cantilever effective spacing L: The minimum horizontal distance between the center line of the track
  9. Transverse limit position of spreader C: The vertical distance between the center line and the vertical center line
  10. Lifting height H: The vertical distance between the highest position of the crane spreader and the ground
  11. Drop depth h: the minimum distance between the crane hoist and the ground
  12. Lifting range D: the vertical distance between the maximum and minimum working position allowed by the D=H+h.
  13. Crane running speed Vk: Under the condition of stable operation, the speed of crane operation.
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