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Building A Gantry Crane

Is the wind pressure and brake force of Building A Gantry Crane the best?

Building A Gantry Crane
Building A Gantry Crane

When the full load running trolley at both ends of the position, Support subjected to maximum vertical stress. Building A Gantry Crane with arms outstretched, When the running trolley is reaching the end of the arm, the strut receives the greatest vertical stress.

Building A Gantry Crane with an outstretched arm must allow the running trolley and the goods it carries to pass freely through the pillars.

Building A Gantry Crane having one or two outstretched jibs, a bending moment diagram and a scissors diagram due to its own weight and dynamic load. The braking force of the sports car can be calculated. The friction coefficient between the wheel and the track is 0. 15.

Longitudinal wind pressure of the bridge (full load: 20-25 kg / m2. Horizontal force due to wind pressure and braking force (in the track direction of the running trolley).

The angle of the main beam on the force of the decision, we can refer to the details of what we said before. If we put the running trolley track on the lower edge of the longitudinal beam and place it on a suitable suspension mechanism, the structure of the prop and its connection to the main beam is the simplest. Transfer all horizontal forces (mass force and wind force) to the horizontal coupling on the plane of the stringer.

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