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Electric Hoist Price

Electric Hoist Price

Electric Hoist Price is determined by its tonnage, lifting height, Electric Hoist operation, working hours, working conditions, and other parameters. If these parameters are not clear, while you want to know the Electric Hoist Price for budget cost and get to know the Electric Hoist Price, please leave us message at the bottom of this page depending on your specific situation. The following details are the major factors that affect the Electric Hoist Price:

Electric Hoist Price
Electric Hoist Price

1.Electric Hoist types:

Electric Hoist are with varieties of kinds, CD model single speed Electric Hoist, MD model Double speed Electric Hoist, ND model European type Electric Hoist, YHII series metallurgy Electric HoistHB explosion-proof steel wire rope Electric HoistNL Electric chain hoist.

2. Electric Hoist tonnage.

The tonnage refers to the largest lifting ability of the Electric Hoist, namely the maximum load capacity.

3. Electric Hoist working-level.

Electric Hoist working level is determined by Electric Hoist working hours and working conditions, Electric Hoist working level is divided into A1 to A8. The higher the Electric Hoist working level, the higher the Electric Hoist Price.

4. Electric Hoist lifting height

the vertical distance from the lowest lifting point to the Electric Hoist hook lifting upper limit. The lifting height determine the Electric Hoist Price.

5.Electric Hoist operation,

Electric Hoist operation includes ground control operation, remote control operation and driver’s cabin operation.

In summary, if you want to get the Electric Hoist Price, it needs to basically clear the above technical parameters. Nucleon Cranes will provide you with best service, good quality, low price, safe and reliable Electric Hoist Price!
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