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bridge crane protection device

Function introduction of bridge crane interlocking protection device

Bridge Crane hook

Bridge crane trolley reducer due to vibration, wear and tear, pressure, temperature and other factors, the joint surface static seal parts often appear leak phenomenon. Traditional treatment method to remove the speed reducer, replacement or daub sealing gasket sealing glue, but time-consuming, laborious and difficult to ensure the sealing effect, will once again appear leakage in the run.

  1. Bridge type crane motor arm support stop with movable arm luffing mechanism should be set up between the interlock protection device, To stop before from supporting role, luffing mechanism can’t start.
  2. Access to the doors of bridge cranes and gantry cranes, and from the driver’s cab boarded the bridge hatch doors should be provided with interlocking protection device, When the door is open, crane operation can’t start.
  3. The driver room is located in the moving parts, into the bridge crane driver chamber should be spilling interlock protection device, When door open channel, crane operation can’t start.
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